Why Changing Lives?

“In a world where too many kids base their self-worth off a selfie, we want to be a positive influence for young dancers and a resource for the studios and teachers that have such an impact in their lives.” – Kim McSwain

Changing Lives is a dance education and consulting company with a simple purpose – to help students become the best dancers and the best people they can be. We do that by coming alongside studios, faculty, and students through three different programs: The Movement, The Elite, and The Syllabus.

In the last decade dance has exploded in popularity across America, presenting new and exciting opportunities for the craft and giving a voice to incredible young dancers. But with dance’s new-found fame, it may have lost some of the work ethic, passion, class, self-respect, and beauty that made us fall in love with dance in the first place.

The great dance legends of our past never had a social media page to build their followers. But the dedication and drive they poured into their craft are traits that never go out of style. So as the industry continues to evolve, Changing Lives is committed to helping dance be a positive influence in kids’ lives that empowers them to be world-changers themselves._

Take a moment to browse our website and see how we can work alongside you and your faculty to build a program that not only produces exceptional dancers, but helps shape exceptional people!


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