I would love to come and be a part of your studio family! Anything my years of experience as a company director, master teacher, convention teacher, motivational speaker, and educator can do to improve your school, I am willing to help. I focus on intensives and setting curriculums for schools so that when I leave you see an immediate improvement and have some tools and exercises to integrate into your program for the following year.

My goal is to enhance your brand and bring a positive and honest approach to your students and faculty. When I go into schools I typically spend 10-14 hours with the dancers. You can split hours however you would like based on ages, levels, faculty training, motivational speaking, etc. We can tailor the classes around your dancers and what they are needing specifically on my visit. I can give you exercises for flexibility, core strength and conditioning, center floor, balance and body placement for turns, turns and progressions, improvisation techniques, dynamics, texture and transitions, auditioning tips, etc.

I have also been asked to do parent classes while I discuss having realistic goals and expectations for your dancer and from your teacher. Do’s and don’ts of the competition and convention circuit and what they can do at home to enhance their progress. This class has been so effective for studio owners and the parents appreciate the education and honesty.

While I am with “your family,” I usually touch on every aspect and really break down the proper way to execute it so that when I leave you can continue to work on it and see steady improvement from the dancers. Let me know what works best for you and we can talk more about specifics, ages and levels, and get a game plan together to maximize our time together. I book almost a year in advance so make sure you get your spot.

Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you, your faculty, and your dancers.