The ELITE Retreat Registration is limited so we encourage dancers to enroll ahead of time. Payment is due upon registering. Tuition is nonrefundable; however, in case of an emergency a refund to another ELITE event may be given. Early bird registration ends April 1st. Click here to register.

Solo Showcase

To enroll in the Solo Showcase please contact Lindsey at Contact

Teacher Seminar Registration

We encourage teachers and directors to attend The ELITE Retreat as well! Teacher forums will be held with Miss Kim on Friday and Saturday. Teachers are also welcome to sit in and observed classes. Teacher registration is $45. Click here to register.


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Upcoming Classes

February 3rd- The Syllabus- Kim McSwain Steps N Motion / The Syllabus- Lindsey Pettus XD2 Dance

February 7th- Kim McSwain's chats with Clint Salter on Transform my Dance Studio Podcast

February 14h-15th- The Syllabus- Kim McSwain Nebraska Dance

February 16th-17th- The Syllabus- Ricky Maalouf Steps N Motion

February 28th- Ricky Maalouf Kim Massey Dance Productions

March 4th- The ELITE Spring Break Allen, Texas

March 6th- Kim McSwain DCC Technique workshop

March 26th- Kim McSwain's chats with Clint Salter on Transform my Dance Studio Podcast

March 30th-31st- The Syllabus- Lindsey Pettus Kim Massey Dance Productions

April 5th- 7th- The Syllabus- Kim McSwain The Dancer's Edge

April 14th-15th- The MOVEMENT Touch of Class

April 27th-29th- The MOVEMENT Nebraska Dance

May 11th-12th- Th Syllabus- Kim McSwain Steps N Motion

May 18th-20th- The MOVEMENT Heidi Knight School of Dance