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by Stephanie and Mandy on Blank Business Name
Nebraska Dance family

​"Having Miss Kim become a part of the Nebraska Dance family has been exactly what we needed! Kim has brought a level of confidence to our staff and kids that is beyond what we knew was possible. She challenges and pushes us to the next level every time, reminding us we have the tools within needed to achieve! Miss Kim makes each dancer feel important; she is encouraging, loving and her keen 'judging eye' tells them exactly what they need to hear! Kids respond to her energy and excitement for dance; in all our years of dancing and teaching, there is nothing like Miss Kim's class! We are honored and blessed to work with her!"

by Brooke on Blank Business Name

"Miss Kim has a way of making every kid feel like a million bucks when they walk out of her class."

by Jimena M on Blank Business Name
Dance 4 Real

"Miss. Kim, is one of the best dance teachers I know..
The way she teaches makes the girls not only grow as dancers but as people. She inspires them in ways that no one else can and makes them feel unique and special! She pushes them in a way that makes them do things they never knew they could! We really love having her in Costa Rica!"

by Owner and Faculty of Nebraska Dance on Blank Business Name

"Miss Kim has a way of making every kid feel like a million bucks when they walk out of her class."

- Brooke
"Miss Kim has a way of making each kid and teacher feel valued and an important part of the ND team. Positivity and encouragement are oozing out of her and she is a true role model for everyone in her presence."

by Andrea H on Blank Business Name
Dance mom to Mykayla

Kim has been an integral part of why my daughter decided to move from drill team dancing to capturing the art of dance while performing. She took her under her wing at a young age while providing training to a group of older girls. She allowed her to train when applicable. While training, Kim pushed her to her highest ability. My daughter will never forget the workouts with no air, running outside around the studio and the love giving while rigorously training. Not only was Kim tough, she wanted the best for all of her students. These memories were more than ten years ago. Kim continues to be a huge part of my daughter's life. She has been a teacher, role model and a supporter. Kim's life's journey, her belief in God and dedication has been an inspiration to not only my daughter but for everyone she has come in contact with. We are so lucky to have this angel in our lives!
We love her!

by Robyn D on Blank Business Name
Dance mom to Londyn

"I could not have asked for a better mentor, instructor or friend to enter into my daughters life at the age of 9. Ms. Kim became all those things to her in a matter of a week! Kim shows pride in her job, she displays loyalty and she preserves the integrity of Dance. She recognizes what your child needs and is willing to develop new ideas and strategies to specifically help your child. Every child learns differently and Kim gets the job done because she can distinguish between what is productive and nonproductive in teaching children. She gains the respect and has the support of every child that she is privileged to instruct. For my child, she imparted technique and confidence and that confidence she still continues to dance with 7 years later. The way she teaches technique sticks with them for years and years. Kim is genuine and honorable and I am proud to say that she has been a huge positive influence not only in my daughters dance life but her life as a whole."

by kristina C on Blank Business Name
Crowd Pleasers Dance

"Kim truly is a one-of-a-kind master teacher. Her gift for igniting passion in dancers from all backgrounds is completely unmatched and reaches far beyond the dance floor. Kim brings so much more than just combinations to a class; she creates an EXPERIENCE and INSPIRES!"

by Becki S on Blank Business Name
Dance mom to Emma

"My daughter has had the privilege of having Kim as an instructor since she was very young, in the way of convention classes, master classes and one-on-one instruction. Since the beginning, we have been extremely impressed with Kim. She is a captivating and passionate teacher, whose love for and dedication to young dancers is vastly obvious. With a commanding presence and high level of expectation toward her dancers, it is apparent that Kim wishes to impart the most helpful and insightful information while teaching. Her teaching methods, a keen blend of humor, constructive feedback and age-appropriate detail, is perfectly suited to the age group she is teaching and keeps even the youngest dancers completely engrossed. Her energy while teaching is infectious to her students - even as a spectator, I find her so enjoyable to watch and I feel I’ve learned something about dance just from observing her classes. Kim’s investment in her students, ALL of her students, is apparent in the way she interacts with them, their parents and their other teachers. She is incredibly relatable and inspires all of her students to reach their greatest potential, whether they are a beginner or seasoned dancer. To say she has been a positive influence on my child is an understatement. I can say with certainty that she has helped develop my child into a better dancer, as she has with so many! If you haven’t had “Ms. Kim” at some point as a dancer, you’ve missed out on a wonderful learning experience!"

by Judy Abbatiello on Blank Business Name
Monroe Dance Academy

"Kim McSwain started working with our dance company three years ago.
We asked her to come in after we received not such great comments from a competition. We asked Kim to come in and work on strengthening our dancers and giving feedback as to what they needed to improve.
The improvement in our dancers is remarkable! Their strength and artistry has improved immeasurably.
Kim is an amazing teacher who brings out the best in these children. KIm not only works with them technically, but emotionally. She helps them find their confidence. Our students look so forward to her weekend with us. They work hard and come back to classes recharged and ready to work.
Kim is a hoot and a half working with our little ones.Kim is wonderful with them and they adore her!
Kim works with our staff as well. Helping us to be the best teachers possible.
She gives so much of herself to each and every person in the room.
We are so grateful to have Kim McSwain as part of Monroe Dance Academy. As long as she is willing to come and see us every year, we are more than happy to host her!"

by Isabelle on Blank Business Name

Hi Miss Kim, My daughter Isabelle, or as you lovingly call her, Secretary, had the pleasure of spending the last two days with you at Viva. Isabelle has loved you from the first time she had class with you and now after spending the parent hour with you I totally understand why she adores you! I, also am a teacher, and your philosophy on teaching children is absolutely wonderful! I realize this may not be the best way to contact you, but I know you had a full schedule today at the studio so I did not want to bother you then. Isabelle was born with a severe case if metatarsus adductus, and spent the first year of her life in casts, and the second year of her life in orthopedic shoes, 24-7. She knows her feet don't move the way they should and I'm proud that shes never let that stop her from giving it her all. (Thank you for making her feel so special despite this) I appreciate the stretches you showed us today and I was wondering if you had any other suggestions or exercises and/ or stretches I can do with her. Lastly, and most importantly, thank you for sharing your love for Jesus. It is totally evident to both myself and Isabelle. My husband and I pray for the people who will influence our daughters and we consider you an answer to prayer. Thank you for being a Godly, loving influence on our sweet Isabelle. Looking forward to seeing you next time! Most sincerely, Angel Arnold

by Tanja R. on Blank Business Name
YYC Dance Project

"Kim McSwain is one of the most dynamic and charismatic teachers I have ever watched teach.
As a convention teacher, she makes each dancer feel like she is talking to them personally and each one of them walks out feeling a little bit taller and a little more confident - not only as a dancer, but as a person. She relates to them as people, showing them the bigger picture in life. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Her expectations are high, but she has a way to get the dancers to deliver.
When she is teaching teacher classes, she is a true educator. I have notebooks full of her exercises, ways of explaining technical things and motivational tips. She has teachers involved in her classes and wanting to learn more. She motivates me to go back into the classroom and raise the bar.
As a classroom teacher, she is tough and highly respected. My daughter wishes she could take a private or a class with her every week. She leaves her classes feeling like she has improved and worked hard. She focuses on technique, but also brings the love of dance out of her students. What my daughter likes most is that she leaves knowing what Ms. Kim wants her to work on next and she knows she will notice if it has improved or not.
Kim McSwain is a one-of-a-kind dance educator. I cannot express enough what a difference she makes in the dance community - not only for dance but for raising hard working, accountable and humble human beings." -