The Elite Training

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THE ELITE was such a huge success that we have moved to a much larger space and added some incredible faculty members to add Contemporary Movement Classes as well as Hip Hop. Same vision, Same Quality just growing a bit.

The INTERMEDIATE level is encouraged to enroll in the Body Basics class beforehand.

As always, space if very limited and will be cut off to ensure the one on one attention and training. There will be a 10 percent discount for all of those enrolling for all 6 sessions and paying in full. Enrollment will open to our ELITE dancers from last year first and then open to the dance community. Once you are enrolled, we will be holding your spot for the training program so no refunds will be given if you cannot attend but in some circumstances be credited for the following year. To make it more convenient, We have added a monthly auto draft for those paying monthly.


What class should I enroll my dancer in?

This class focuses on basic body placement, technique, and flexibility. It is geared towards our competitive dancers training 5 plus hours a week. Dancers dancing in the Intermediate sessions are highly encouraged to take this class beforehand.
Ages 7-12
$80.00 per session

This 5 hour intensive is recommended for competitive dancers training 7 plus hours a week. This class will focusing on correct technique and body placement, auditioning skills, style, performance, musicality, and dynamics. They will do all styles with guest artists teaching contemporary and hip hop. Younger dancers may be asked to take the Body Basics class beforehand to ensure proper technique and improvement.
Ages 9-14
$130.00 per session

This 5 hour intensive is recommended for competitive dancers training 10 plus hours a week. Classes will cover body placement and conditioning , auditioning skills, musicality and dynamics, setting personal goals, etc. They will work in all styles with guest artists teaching contemporary and hip hop.
AGES 11-18
$130.00 per session

Please contact Lindsey at lindsey (at) for any questions.

The ELITE Program Background

I think that as educators we have been given a great gift, not only to do what we love but to everyday directly impact the life of a child. They hear our every word, see our every reaction, and wait for praise and guidance. Our goal should be to maximize every minute of our time with them to give them positive and quality instruction all of while inspiring them to be their very best in all they do in life. We are not just creating successful dancers but more importantly successful people that will continue on to impact the lives of others with the drive dedication, and excellence that you have instilled in them.

I teach with the philosophy that “Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.” It is no secret that I love what I do and am very passionate about touching every child’s life in some capacity. Every class we teach is an opportunity to say something that might change the course of their lives and I believe it is an honor and blessing to have that responsibility. When dancers leave my class, I want them to feel like they can take on the world and achieve every dream they have. My main goal of the The Elite Training Program is to unite dancers from all over in an uncompetitive environment to train… really train without the division of studios and competitions. Parents are always allowed to watch so that they can observe their dancers work ethic and progress.

With my many years on the competition and convention circuit, professional career, and having the privilege to work with some of the most talented dancers and schools in the country, I am willing to cover any topics that you feel could benefit your dancer’s progress. Classes will run roughly 2 hours and the end of class will be left for our motivational portion, goals of the month, and open the class up for Q and A for the dancers and parents. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your dancer’s training! Now get ready to train!